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Aurum del Vitto

Aurum del Vitto


Brass design, mounted on gold plated hooks.


The beach brass collection is specifically designed and intended to wear in any summer setting. Wear these in the rain, by the pool, in the ocean, or lounging in the lake, stress and worry free. Over time the brass will form a beautiful natural layer of patina, which you can choose to clen off with vinegar and a q-tip, or continue to develop character and let the petina darken. These are awesome care-free pieces that really enhance your summer beach look!

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  • Care Instructions

    I would recommend placing your Fiber Jewellery on after styling and applying hairspray and hair products to prolong the life and sheen of your product. When storing your Fiber Jewellery, I would recommend keeping it inside the paper envelope it comes in to avoid catches on the fibers. Peace, Love, and Prayers! :-)

  • Return Policy

    Since each Fiber Jewellery product is unique and hand-crafted, all sales are final. We do not offer an exchange or refund, so please make sure the product speaks to you! Having said that, we are committed to providing you an exceptional experience. If you are unsatisfied with your Fiber Earrings for any reason, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do what we can to bring you joy!

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