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1. Introduction and Definitions

This Privacy Policy describes the personal data we collect, how it is used, and how it is shared.  This Privacy Policy applies to users of Fearfully Made Inc.’s Services and Website.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, the term “Services” means applications, content, products, and services made available by Fearfully Made Inc.. The term “Website” collectively means your access to and use of, including content, functionality, and services offered on or through:


2. Scope of this Policy

This Privacy Policy specifically applies to any individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, association, syndicate, organization, trust, body corporate, natural person, or any natural person in his or her capacity as estate trustee or other legal representative, whether incorporated or not (hereafter “Person”) who views, browses, utilizes, interacts, or submits information to Fearfully Made Inc. and makes use of Fearfully Made Inc.'s Website

All those subject to this Privacy Policy, including those referred to above, are hereafter referred to as “users” in this notice.

Fearfully Made Inc. is located in Ontario, Canada, and intended for use in this jurisdiction. As such, Fearfully Made Inc.'s Privacy Policy is subject to the privacy laws of Canada and Ontario.

Fearfully Made Inc. is the party responsible for the control of your data and the collection of your personal data in connection with Fearfully Made Inc.'s Services, Products, and Website. Your consent to Fearfully Made Inc. collecting your personal data is included in the Terms and Conditions of Fearfully Made Inc.'s Website, which is available by clicking here.

3. Data Collected by Fearfully Made Inc.

Fearfully Made Inc. collects data provided to it by its users during account creation, and checkout. Fearfully Made Inc. may also collect cookies, which allows the server to recall previous requests or registration and/or IP addresses of users to analyze website use and patterns. Fearfully Made Inc. collects data provided to it by its users during the process of ordering products, and when users utilize Fearfully Made Inc.'s Services and Website. This includes:

  • User Profile: User data collected when users create an account. This may include user’s name, address, age, business name, business address, email, phone number, login name, password, photos, images, profile pictures, payment or banking information, and other information inputted by the user.


  • User Content: Fearfully Made Inc. may collect information users submit when they contact or interact with other users on the Service and through the Website including, but not limited to, ratings and reviews.


  • Transaction Information: All of Fearfully Made Inc.'s payments are processed via credit card through third party software, including PayPal “Stripe”, which each has its own Privacy Policy. Stripe's policy is available here:


  • Usage Data: Fearfully Made Inc. collects data on how users interact with and use Fearfully Made Inc.'s Services and Website. This may include data such as date and time of access, pages viewed, features used, and type of browser or device used to access the Services and Website. Fearfully Made Inc. may collect information about the devices that access to Fearfully Made Inc.'s Services and Website including device IP address, and operating systems and versions.


  • Data from Miscellaneous Sources: This includes user feedback, ratings, participation in referral programs, participation in email marketing programs, details on social media accounts, publicly available sources, and marketing service providers.

4. How Fearfully Made Inc. Uses Personal Data

Personal data is collected to ensure a reliable and convenient facilitation of Fearfully Made Inc.'s products, Services, and Website. Fearfully Made Inc. also utilizes your data to provide robust customer support, for research and development, to facilitate communication between users, to assist in the completion of shipping our products and providing our services, and to facilitate payment.

a. Providing Services and Features

Fearfully Made Inc. uses the data it collects to provide, personalize, maintain, and improve Fearfully Made Inc.'s products, Services, and the Website. This includes using personal data to:

  • Create and maintain user accounts


  • Develop new and exciting products based on existing customer's and user feedback

  • Ensuring delivery of user's orders


  • Offer, process, and facilitate payment for products and services as well as for the Services and Website that Fearfully Made Inc. provides


  • Enable users to leave feedback, comments, and reviews of Fearfully Made Inc.'s  products and services

b. Safety and Security

Fearfully Made Inc. uses personal data to help maintain the safety, security, and integrity of Fearfully Made Inc.'s Services, the Website, and its users. This also include using personal data to help protect against fraudulent use of the Services and/or the Website.

c. Customer Service and Support

Fearfully Made Inc. uses personal data to provide a personalized customer service and support, including investigating and addressing user concerns, and monitoring and improving Fearfully Made Inc.'s customer service.


d. Marketing

Fearfully Made Inc. may send communications to users to advise them of promotions, discounts, or specials for Fearfully Made Inc.'s products, Services, and Website. To do so, Fearfully Made Inc. may be required to access, view, and utilize some of user's personal data including, for example, a user's email address.

e. Legal Proceedings and Disputes

Fearfully Made Inc. will adhere to all Court Orders from jurisdictions in which it operates that requires it to disclose personal data.

f. Algorithm Processing

Fearfully Made Inc. may use personal data to automate decisions and make recommendations based on past purchases of products and use of the Service and the Website. For example, Fearfully Made Inc. may recommend related products on the basis of previous products a user has historically purchased.

g. Business Partners

Fearfully Made Inc. shares personal data with third party business partners only when it is necessary to provide Fearfully Made Inc.'s products, Services, and access to the Website. Examples of these business partners include Canada Post (wherein a user's personal address may be shared to ensure delivery of an order), and third party payment processing services like Paypal and Stripe.

5. Cookies and Third-Party Technology

Fearfully Made Inc. utilizes cookies and other third party technology identification tools in Fearfully Made Inc.'s Services and the Website. Cookies are text files that are stored in browser caches or devices. Cookies are utilized for a wide range of reasons, but primarily to authenticate users, remembering user preferences and settings, and analyzing site traffic and patterns to understand how users interact with Fearfully Made Inc.'s Services and the Website.

You are entitled to opt out of Cookies and use of other third party technology, but kindly note that portions of Fearfully Made Inc. Services and Website may not function properly if you choose to do so.

6. Data Retention and Deletion of User Data

Fearfully Made Inc. retains user profile, transactions, and other personal data until Fearfully Made Inc. is otherwise advised by the user to delete or remove it. Fearfully Made Inc. may retain other user data to ensure it complies with all legal requirements for data retention, including retaining invoices for tax purposes. Users may request deletion of their account at any time by emailing Fearfully Made Inc at:

Upon receiving a request from a user, Fearfully Made Inc. will delete personal data that is not otherwise required to be retained for regulatory, tax, insurance, litigation, or other legal requirements. In some cases, Fearfully Made Inc. may be unable to delete personal data, such as if there is an outstanding credit or amount due on an account or invoice, or if there is an ongoing dispute.

Even in the event of deletion of user data, Fearfully Made Inc. may still retain enough information necessary to ensure other user’s safety, security, and fraud prevention. For example, if a user account is deleted for fraud, Fearfully Made Inc. may retain personal data from that account to ensure that same individual or user does not again register and seek to commit further fraud using Fearfully Made Inc.'s Services or Website.

7. Your Rights in our Data Collection

Fearfully Made Inc. only collects and uses personal data where there are one or more lawful grounds for doing so. Fearfully Made Inc. does not collect personal data indiscriminately, or for a purpose unrelated to Fearfully Made Inc.'s normal business operations. Generally speaking, these grounds are as follows:

a. To provide you the requested Services and Website

The functionality of Fearfully Made Inc.'s products, Services, and Website is fundamentally tied to collecting and transmitting user data between Fearfully Made Inc. and third party providers. For example, Fearfully Made Inc. is required to provide your personal information to Canada Post in order to ensure delivery of the product(s) you ordered. Fearfully Made Inc. also utilizes third party shipping API programs such as Shippo to expedite the fulfillment of orders and provide faster response rates to user inquiries and orders.

b. To protect our users and the integrity of our Services and Website

Fearfully Made Inc. must collect and hold on to personal data to maintain and enhance other users’ safety and security. For example, Fearfully Made Inc. must retain personal data to prevent the use of Fearfully Made Inc. Services by users who have engage in inappropriate, dangerous, or fraudulent activity.

c. Fulfilling Fearfully Made Inc. legal obligations

Fearfully Made Inc. must collect and use personal data to fulfill a wide range of Fearfully Made Inc.’s legal obligations for tax reporting, insurance, financing obligations, contractual obligations, law enforcement, public health, insurance, litigation and/or any other legal obligation.

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