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frequently asked questions

  • How often do you do update the shop? How does your shop work?
    Since each and every piece of Fiber Jewellery is custom designed and hand-crafted, it takes time to build inventory for a shop. We update the shop with new inventory about once a month. Laura announces the next shop date on Instagram, Facebook, through our catalogue, and on our website. We then leave the shop open until products sell out. We then repeat the process. If you want us to let you know whenever we're hosting a pop-up, join our mailing list or join our Instagram or Facebook family!
  • How quickly does the shop sell out?
    Every shop is different, so it is hard to say for sure. The last shop update had approximately 70 piece of fiber jewellery, and about 2/3s of the shop (50 items) was sold in roughly fifteen minutes. Some items sell faster than others. The Fiber Pendants and Custom Fiber Pendants tend to sell out much quicker.
  • Do you do sell custom pieces? How does that work?
    Yes, we sell custom Fiber Pendants! Here's how the process works: (1) When the shop updates, we have a product available for purchase that is labelled "Custom Fiber Pendant". Generally, we offer approximately 5 custom pendants for purchase in each shop. (2) When you checkout, it will ask you to enter your Instagram account handle, or your email address, so that we can get in touch with you. (3) Over the next few days / week, we will reach out to you via Instagram or Email to discuss what design you would like. This can range anywhere from a particular design that you already have in mind, to you just wanting to express some thoughts and feelings. For example, some people want to copy a picture of a farm from their childhood. Others want to express their joy and love from a milestone event like marriage. (4) Laura will draw some designs, and send you pictures for your input and approval. You will also pick the colour scheme. Once you approve the design and colours, Laura will proceed to embroidering. Depending on the piece, the process can take anywhere from 5-10 hours for design, embroidery, and mounting. (5) If you are comfortable with it, Laura likes to pray for your intentions while she embroiders your Fiber Jewellery. If you are not comfortable with that, that's OK too! Kindly note that we reach out to the individuals in the order that the custom products are purchased. Depending on how responsive you are, it can take anywhere from 5 days - 5 weeks to finish the design and embroidering process. Shipping time would be added on to that estimate.
  • Will my fiber art get damaged if I get it wet?
    We cannot guarantee that your fiber art will not be damaged if it gets wet. Having said that, we have tested our products with moisture, and it seems to be OK! Consequently, we wouldn't recommend exposing it to moisture frequently, but once or twice should be fine.
  • How long does it take to make the Fiber Jewellery?
    The time it takes depends on the piece. From conception of design, to embroidering, to mounting is a lengthy and thoughtful process. It's a prayerful and calming process for me that benefits us both! Each Fiber Pendant takes between 5-7 hours, depending on the complexity of the design. Each pair of Fiber Earrings takes between 3-5 hours.
  • Does anyone else sell Fiber Jewellery?
    There are a couple knock-offs out there that have attempted to copy our original technique. Laura is the original creator of the embroidered Fiber Pendant, Fiber Earrings, Fiber Studs, Fiber Bracelet, and Fiber Hairpin. While some people and businesses have attemted to copy our products, it's a form of art and expression. Our pieces are unique to Laura's style and taste. We hope you like them!
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